Price: $4,000

Provice: Alberta
City: Edmonton
Type: Boats

Had this boat for a couple years and want one bigger as my kids are no longer KIDS,lol This is a awesome boat, it has 4 seats that lay flat, for tanning,lol. Also, im 180lb and skiied behind this boat with my 3 kids all summer last year. It has brands new tires and rims,new taillights and wireing, I bought the new prop system, where you dont have to change the whole prop and hub, just the prop.the prop on this boat is also new.The trailer is a top of the line for that year,it a calkins trailer, Both the boat and trailer are like new, and very clean.The motor, 50 hp johnson, i had for a while and bought the boat and trailer after I bought the motor. If this boat was just a bit bigger, i would keep it,as it was very good to us,My kids are 21-24 and 26, with 4 full grown people it is a bit tight, you can do it but my kids move a lot, i do need somethiong bigger. So if you have a boat to trade that would be good too.Anything else, just call, 780-777-.Brent